Who Is Shawntae?

Military Wife, Mother, Autism Mom, Social Worker, Therapist and Lover of Christ

I'm so glad that you are here. Life has been an incredible journey so far and I truly believe I've been Pinned with Purpose. The military has taken my family and I all over the country, often without our approval, but we have always believed that wherever we land, it was with the intention and plan of God for our lives. From where we live, to the people we meet, those we inspire and also the ones who impact us, it all fits into a larger plan and we trust it wholeheartedly even when it's difficult to understand. I believe there is something that will resonate with women from all walks of life here; mother, sister, friend, special needs parent, the woman full of faith or the one living on empty, there is content here for you.

Military Spouse

As a military spouse, it can feel like you are a magician; making difficult transitions and the uprooting of your family into an adventure. Transforming base housing into a home with love and warmth. We become masters at navigating new resources and building community in strange new places. It's not easy, but we sure make it look that way, and in my opinion, one of the best resources is another military spouse. You're no longer alone here.

Autism Mom

The life of a special needs mother can be incredibly isolating and challenging, but in the next moment, full of wonder and joy at the smallest things that most would miss. While I don't pretend to speak for all autism or special needs mothers, there are common threads that weave their ways through our own individual stories. You can take comfort in knowing that here, we speak the same language.


My relationship with God is the center of my life. My faith is the glue that holds me together when everything and everyone around me seems to be falling apart. It helps me make meaning out of the most complex and difficult situations. And the things in my life that puzzle me, I rely on being able to trust in God's plan for my life, even when things are hard and dark, choosing to believe that the plan He has for my life is indeed, good.

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Special Delivery

As usual, I begin the day cooking triple berry muffins for breakfast while the kids watch cartoons.  My oldest is the last to arise from his slumber and as he joins us, we all quickly can tell today will be anything but “normal.”  To add to the brewing storm, today, I have a zoom meeting scheduled with my supervisor. 

My oldest son with autism wakes in a mood.  He is irritated and upset, filling me with an impending sense of dread and anxiety about my meeting.  As the morning progresses so does my son’s irritation.  The morning is filled with the ebb and flows of my son screaming, crying, meltdown after meltdown.  Because he can’t tell me what’s wrong, I don’t know why it’s started, or what I can do to stop it, or how long this rollercoaster of emotions will last.   

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