All About Shawntae

Shawntae is not only a military spouse, but she’s also a military brat.  Her father served over 20 years in the military.  She must have loved the life so much that she voluntarily signed on for more.

She has been married to her husband Keith for 15 years and he is in the Air Force.  Together they have 3 beautiful boys who keep them on their toes.  The instability that comes with military life was compounded even more for their family as 2 out of their 3 children have autism.  

Shawntae graduated with her Bachelors of Social Work in 2006 from the University of Central Missouri.  Post graduation she worked with children and their families who were at risk, or had been diagnosed with special needs and/or behavioral issues.  She continued in that role until she decided to elevate her skills and enrolled in graduate school to earn her Masters of Social Work in 2010 from East Carolina University.  Since then Shawntae has worked as a child and family therapist in various roles in several different states.

Her work prepared her for her own journey into special needs parenting and continues to enhance her as she grows in knowledge and skills in her field.

Shawntae’s faith and relationship with Jesus is the center of her life.  Shawntae’s faith allowed her to meet her husband, led her to the field and career she loves and provides her with the grace she needs for motherhood.  She is everything she is because of Whose she is.