The Grass Is Greener

When we lived in Texas, and the weather was nice, me and the boys loved to go for a walk to the park in our neighborhood.  We would go the same way every time.  On our routine walks, we would pass this beautiful house on the corner, one of the prettiest in the neighborhood and the yard was so neatly manicured.  The grass was so green and thick, flowers always in bloom, with the addition of decorations and bird feeders.  I always admired it when we walked by.  

On one of our walks, we passed by our favorite house and saw they had a for sale sign in the yard.  

About a month or two passed, and we had not been out on our walks because the weather had been rainy and cold.  When we finally got out to get a walk in, and turned the corner to see our favorite house, I was in shock.  

The grass was dull, weeds were all over the yard, and grass was growing over onto the sidewalk.  The absence of the for sale sign was not what had given away that the house had indeed sold, it was the condition of the yard.  God often speaks to me through everyday things like nature and this was another such lesson for me.  

So often we see “green grass” in someone else’s yard and wish we could have a yard like that, but all we see is the grass or the “glory.”

What we don’t see is the struggle, time, resources, sweat and labor that it took to GET the green grass. Nor do we see what is required just to MAINTAIN the grass.  And the grass can be a metaphor for many things; success, marriage, parenting, friendships, familial relationships, business, spiritual growth, gifts and talents. It was such a powerful revelation for me because we often see the fruit but don’t know the depth of sacrifice one has made to get where they are.

There’s often so much more behind the picture or image we see. Social media hasn’t helped with that. People can easily show their highlight reel and people are actively comparing their lives and accomplishments to a perceived “perfect life.” No life is perfect, and even if it looks easier than yours, it doesn’t mean theirs is without it’s own trouble and struggles at times.

When I see someone excelling in an area I aspire to, I reach out and ask how they do it. Can they recommend any books or classes to take? Your answer to your next level or breakthrough could be in the person you’re secretly admiring.

So the next time someone tells you “It doesn’t take all that” remember that grass and think about how much work it takes to get it and keep it like that.  

What was humbling for me about seeing that yard was not only how much work it must have taken that family to keep that yard looking as nice as it did, but also how quickly it was able to be defiled in such a short amount of time.

How’s your spiritual, emotional, relational and physical “yard” looking? Do some weeds need to be pulled up? Does the grass need to be cut? For those whose gardens are flourishing, can you share some tips?

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  1. Oh wow…this is soooo good! How is my spiritual, emotional, relational and physical yard looking?!? A great question to ponder on!

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